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A children’s game that develops programming skills

Our curriculum is aligned to the universally recognised American educational standards — CSTA
Play for free
50+ hours of educational and gaming content, including constant updates
Our curriculum is aligned to the best educational standards — CSTA
From visual programming to writing code — you can start at any skill level
We want to help each child in the world develop a love of learning and programming
Online, with no teachers or strict schedule
Basics of programming and algorithmic thinking: algorithms, loops, conditions, functions etc
block-based programming
Simplified way to develop software, using graphical components
python & JavaScript
The most popular programming languages: Python and JavaScript
What your child learns in 50 hours of educational gaming content
Benefits of game-based learning
Students reported an average of twice the level of computer science enjoyment in just a few months
96% of parents and teachers surveyed were satisfied with the educational impact of GBL
In one school district, students mastered an average of 68% more computer science skills per month
Expose your child to an interesting in-demand profession
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